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Getting Started with IDRISI

Creating projects and setting the environment

This video provides a brief tutorial and introduction to the IDRISI software and shows how to get started with your first project with the IDRISI Explorer utility. Viewing this video is strongly recommended before utilizing the IDRISI software.

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Introduction to Land Change Modeler in IDRISI

Introduction to Land Change Modeler

This video provides an introduction to the change analysis tools in the Land Change Modeler application within IDRISI. The Land Change Modeler allows you to analyze, measure, and project the impacts of land change on habitat and biodiversity. This video explores tools for the rapid assessment of land change in both map and graphical forms.

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Predicting Land Cover Change with Land Change Modeler in IDRISI

Change Prediction in Land Change Modeler

This video guides the user through the stages involved in the land change prediction process within Land Change Modeler. The video explores the tools for evaluating historic change, relating such change to driver variables and developing land cover scenarios.

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Time Series Analysis with Earth Trends Modeler in IDRISI

Time Series Analysis with IDRISI's Earth Trends Modeler

This video provides an introduction to the Earth Trends Modeler application within IDRISI for the analysis of image time series. Earth Trends Modeler is a revolutionary earth observation software tool that allows you to model and analyze earth trends and ecosystem dynamics. The software is specifically developed for global change research and analysis.

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REDD Baseline Modeling with Land Change Modeler in IDRISI

Land Change Prediction for REDD

This video demonstrates how the Land Change Modeler can be used for evaluating REDD projects. REDD, reducing emissions by deforestation and forest degradation, requires the modeling of future scenarios of deforestation. Land Change Modeler provides the tools to develop the baseline and project protection scenarios needed to quantify REDD project additionality.

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REDD Deforestation Modeling with Land Change Modeler in IDRISI

REDD Land Change Modeler

This video introduces the new REDD analysis tool with the Selva Edition. In this tutorial, you will learn how to model the transition from forest to non-forest, create baseline prediction maps for each REDD reporting stage, and use the new REDD tool to calculate the "with project" scenario and determine net greenhouse gas emissions saved by the REDD project.

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