Since 1987, Clark Labs has been committed to serving its clients and helping them solve their environmental problems. Our multidisciplinary staff provides expert technical and scientific counsel in such areas as suitability analysis, REDD and species distribution modeling. With our broad range of expertise, we deliver value and solutions that take varied approaches into consideration, yet are aligned to our client’s specific needs. 

We offer geospatial consulting, training, analysis and customized software development.

Recent projects include the detection of teleconnections of earth trends such as the spatial and temporal analysis of climate cycles (El Niño/La Niña), carbon modeling for REDD programs, customization of software for image series analysis and land change analysis, the detection of diseased trees using hyperspectral imagery, and the predictive modeling of invasive species using neural networks.

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Based within the world-renowned Graduate School of Geography at Clark University, Clark Labs is internationally recognized for pioneering advancements in areas such as decision support, uncertainty management, classifier development, change and time series analysis, and dynamic modeling. These innovations are refined and optimized through our partnerships with other research organizations as well as our consulting, training and application work.

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