Clark Labs offers a variety of products to facilitate the analysis of geospatial information.

IDRISI Selva, version 17 of IDRISI, is an integrated feature-rich raster-based GIS and Image Processing software solution for the analysis and display of spatial information. With over 300 analytical routines, it includes tools for GIS, image processing, surface analysis, land change analysis, earth time series exploration, and more.

  • Land Change Modeler (LCM) is an integrated suite of tools within IDRISI for innovative land planning and decision support. Widely used for the prioritization of conservation and planning efforts, Land Change Modeler allows you to rapidly analyze land cover change, simulate future land change scenarios, model REDD emission scenarios, and model species impacts and biodiversity.

  • Earth Trends Modeler (ETM) is an integrated suite of tools within IDRISI for the analysis of image time series data associated with Earth Observation remotely sensed imagery. With ETM, users can rapidly assess long term climate trends, measure seasonal trends in phenology, and decompose image time series to seek recurrent patterns in space and time.

Land Change Modeler for ArcGIS is a revolutionary land cover change analysis and prediction software with tools to analyze, measure and project the impacts of such change on habitat and biodiversity. Land Change Modeler exists in IDRISI and also as an extension to ArcGIS 10.2.

Other resources to facilitate your analysis include:

  • CartaLinx, a spatial database development and topological editing tool
  • A selection of global data archives for time series analysis
  • Manuals on utilizing GIS and remote sensing for specific application areas 
  • A Spanish translation of sections of the User’s Guide.

Technical Support contracts are also available, allowing users to access the Clark Labs’ technical staff. 

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