Global Data Archive 1: MODIS NDVI and EVI

NASA MODIS CMG Monthly NDVI and EVI data 

Processed by NASA Goddard from the Terra sensor projected on a 0.05 degree Climate Modeling Grid (CMG). The data on this DVD is in IDRISI file format. The original values were not altered. The archive size is 11 GB and is not available as a downloadable product.

Dates: February 2000 to January 2010.
Grid: 0.05 degree x 0.05 degree
Extent: -180 to +180, -90 to +90
Units: NDVI and EVI
Columns: 7200
Rows: 3600
Background Value: -3000
Reference System: Latitude / longitude
Reference Units: Degrees

This archive also includes:

Remote Sensing System (RSS) MSU/AMSU Monthly Atmospheric Temperature data

Processed by RSS from the Microwave Sounding Units (MSU) and the Advanced Microwave Sounding Units (AMSU) operating on NOAA polar-orbiting platforms.

The temperature data includes:
TLT = Temperature Lower Troposphere
TMT = Temperature Middle Troposphere
TTS = Temperature Troposphere / Stratosphere
TLS = Temperature Lower Stratosphere

Dates: December 1978 to December 2009 (January 1987 to December 2009 for the TTS)
Grid: 2.5 degree x 2.5 degree
Extent: -180 to +180, -90 to +90
Units: degrees Kelvin
Columns: 144
Rows: 72
Background Value: 0
Reference System: Latlong
Reference Units: Degrees

Data modifications include reclassification of the original no-data value from -9999 to 0 for display purposes only. Data were also reprojected from original Pacific-centered Latlong. All files are provided in the latitude / longitude reference system.

For more information:
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Vector Global Country Boundaries 

The global vector dataset of country boundaries is provided by GfK MACON GmbH.

Clark University