Risk and Vulnerability Analysis

Our exposure to hazards is increasing at alarming rates. Without proper tools, planners are unable to develop appropriate response plans. GIS offers the ability to integrate data of different types and sources and analyze the risks associated with changing events. GIS also provides the environment to actually simulate hazards and make predictions about future scenarios and their impacts.

IDRISI Selva offers a full suite of tools for risk and vulnerability analysis, including distinctive decision support and uncertainty management techniques. Vulnerability mapping tools allow you to create hard predictions as well as maps of vulnerability to risk.
Application areas include:

  • Climate trends and prediction
  • Landslide vulnerability mapping
  • Flood analysis
  • Hazardous material transportation planning
  • Impact analysis

Analytical Examples:


A vulnerability analysis was performed using IDRISI’s modeling tools, specifically Image Calculator. Image Calculator is an interactive expression building facility that supports mathematical and logical expressions.

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Decision Risk Flood Modeling

This screenshot illustrates some of the maps developed for a study on the effects of sea level rise on a coastal rice-producing area in Vietnam. Part of the study included prediction of future sea level and inundated areas. This portion of the study explicitly incorporated uncertainty in the elevation data as well as the projected sea level rise.

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