Natural Resource Management

Clark Labs has developed an unparalleled set of tools to facilitate the management and protection of our natural resources. For example, IDRISI includes tools for modeling soil erosion, calculating runoff and identifying watersheds. It also provides a host of spatial statistical functionality for modeling, analysis and evaluation.

Whether you are modeling erosion potential, fire risk or managing forest stands, IDRISI Selva has the tools to address the complex analytical challenges that resource managers face. 

Application areas include:

  • Watershed and rainfall runoff analysis
  • Erosion potential modeling with RUSLE
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Flood modeling and prediction
  • Forest mapping

Analytical Examples: 

GIS Surface Analysis & Erosion Modeling with RUSLE

A soil erosion modeling tool, utilizing the Revised Universal Soil Loss equation (RUSLE), computes average soil loss on field units of relative homogeneity.

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Runoff Analysis

In addition to determining the flow pattern over an elevation model, the RUNOFF module includes the capability to allow for both a precipitation surface and a permeability surface to model surface runoff.

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