Our products have a long-standing tradition with the academic community, both for teaching and research. We create innovative and cutting-edge geospatial tools without losing sight of the required pedagogical elements.

IDRISI is an obvious choice for the classroom, since it offers sophisticated spatial analysis without compromising ease of use. Universities around the globe utilize IDRISI for both introductory and advanced GIS and image processing courses.

Academic Pricing

Why Teach with IDRISI?

  • Nearly 300 analytical modules come standard, allowing students to explore the potential of GIS for geographic inquiry. There is no need to purchase add-on functionality for your advanced classes.

  • Comprehensive tutorial exercises provide a planned and structured approach to the understanding of GIS, image processing and advanced geographic techniques.

  • The IDRISI User’s Guide, often used as a textbook, goes beyond mere review of software techniques to discuss GIS and image processing concepts, application problems and data concerns.

  • IDRISI is priced affordably for academics with flexible licensing options for multi-seats and students.

  • The IDRISI software is the outcome of one of the most extensive and sustained reseach and development efforts in the industry. Researchers across a range of academic disciplines have access to an unparalleled set of techniques for spatial analysis. 
  • Tools are provided for the day-to-day activities of GIS and Image Processing practitioners but IDRISI also includes innovative techniques that push the boundaries of the field--decision support, land change modeling and prediction, uncertainty management, change & time series analysis.
  • Researchers concerned with climate change, land change, conservation and biodiversity will find that this application provides a robust set of tools for the analysis of change and the creation of viable plans for the future.


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